🔗 Redis Networking Nerd Down

"Packets per second (PPS) is an often overlooked value within an environment. Most network concerns are around throughput and interface speed, but what happens when this value becomes the bottleneck due to large-scale hosting providers (AWS, Azure, etc.) with rigid standards? This talk covers what a Redis packet looks like and how the out-of-the-box configuration can drastically affect packet per second overhead. From here we’ll deep dive into specific configuration values which help lower PPS numbers, as well as different Redis master/slave relationships that can be utilized to keep PPS below inflexible network thresholds."

🌎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h316lNYMyQ&list=PL83Wfqi-zYZHtHoGv3PcGQA3lvE9p1eRl&index=15