🔗 Real Time Recommendations Using WebSockets and Redis /by @nsdiv

"WebSockets connect the browser to your app server. But what if the processing happens on some other server? In that case you need to connect the worker process to the app process via a messaging system. After experimenting with RabbitMQ, we settled on Redis as a great pub sub and a caching system. This presentation will describe the architecture of the system and how we use spring-websockets and spring-data-Redis to power the system. As a bonus, we will show a great way to find out in real time how many users are currently using your system."

🌎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqgcTJHSjv8&list=PL83Wfqi-zYZHtHoGv3PcGQA3lvE9p1eRl&index=5