🔗 Redis on Apache Mesos, A New Framework - Dhilip Kumar S, Huawei Technologies

"Though Redis is extremely simple to install for standalone KV store, but to host redis-as-a-service in your cloud it becomes complex. Creating, administering , monitoring, clustering and metering 1000s of instance of redis server is extremely complex. Along with Mesos, a thin high performing framework exclusively written for redis will not only retain the redis’s inherent performance but also simplifies these problems to a large extent. This presentation focus on that framework and a detailed discussion on framework’s design & its future plans. A demo also demonstrate how easy it is to create 1000s of redis service instances in less than a minute using Mesos."

🌎 https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLGeM09tlguZQVL7ZsfNMffX9h1rGNVqnC&time_continue=1745&v=xe-Gom5tOl0